Leo who?

Leo, making sense of a chaotic universe. 

Altough, sometimes he thinks making nonsense is a better way of getting the point across. He’s an agent of progress, armoured with a deadly dose of creativity, humour, optimism, determination and discipline. He is blessed, altough sometimes considering it a curse, with the curiosity of a 4 year old, if you thought asking questions couldn’t be classed as a hobby – think again. He is a knowledge freak, constantly looking things up, questioning, reading, learning, expanding, finding out, and then reading some more. He is a seeker of thrills, considering adrenaline the fuel of personal growth. Leo is on a mission: TO ADD VALUE, here and there, anywhere he is. To him, life is not an unconditional gift, you must DO, for the better. He is the first domino that ripples others in a positive direction. He takes ultimate responsibility, for being the best he can, and for making his best to help others do their best. Greatness as a road paved by helping others and spreading joy, that’s his creed. You can reach him at: contact@leocallidus.com



Born: 1983

Country: Sweden

Town: Norrkoping

Work: OEM INTERNATIONAL, Trainee – Market Communication 


Jönköping International Business School ’07

Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management

Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan ’05

Japanese, HRM, Economics, Business Law



Painting, reading, writing, networking, business, marketing, human resource management/development, investment & finances, presenting, NLP, coaching, mixed martial arts, fitness, interpersonal dynamics, adventure 


Ritz Carlton, Osaka

Enjoying the spectacular view fron the Presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton in Osaka, Japan





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