Rebranding gone wild

14 04 2009

Not too long ago i added The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to my subscription of TV channels. The first time I blipped to watch Animal Planet i thought I was ripped off with some cheap imitator channel when I saw their new HIDEOUS logo. I hoped and prayed that it was some temporary logo they just showed for a couple of screens, but no, it is ACTUALLY their new logo. Every time I watch the channel it really boggles my mind how they actually could go for that design…

In contrast, when i blipped to The Discovery Channel I was very pleasently surprised by their new logo. It’s a truly modernized version of their previous one, simple yet beautiful.

animal_planet_logo 1.jpg animal-planet-logo-new.jpg

Before (left) and after (right)

Read more about the Animal Planet identity change, click here.

Discovery_Channel_logo OLD.png

Before (above)

discovery channel new logo.jpg

…and after.

Read more about the Discovery Channel identity change, click here.

Any thoughts?





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