6 07 2008

Just witnessed my favorite fighter beat Quinton Rampage Jackson and becoming the new UFC Light Heavyweight (205 Lbs/93 Kg) Champion! HURRAY!!!


I’ve been waiting for this fight a loong time and I always stood by my prediction (and hope) that Forrest Griffin would win, and today he did!

It was an awesome fight that went all the 5 grueling rounds with Forrest very justly ending up as the victor via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-46, 48-46).

Forrest was the aggressor, using frequent bursts of low kicks, high kicks, knees and punches he imposed his will upon a somewhat paralyzed Jackson.

Here’s why Forrest Griffin now stands as the new Champion: HEART and CONDITIONING! He’s a monster of pure will and hard work and that’s why he’s my favorite fighter and that’s why he’s our new Light Heavyweight Champ!

My hat is off for Quinton who was very humble about his loss and refused to blame anything on that his leg got hurt early in the fight. His punching power is just crazy, I mean could-knockout-an-elephant-CRAZY!

Needless to say, I look forward to the rematch.

(For a more thourough break-down of the fight click here)

“How sweet is this, I get to punch someone in the face and I don’t get arrested afterward.” – Forrest Griffin, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion





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