I’m back, with a job

10 06 2008

It was quite a while since i updated my blog now, I’ve been busy job hunting as well as enjoying the spectacular wather here in Sweden. However, now I’M BACK and I’ve got a job 🙂 Just signed and mailed the contract now and I’m about to begin the 2 year trainee program at OEM International in Tranås (1 h away from my hometown) August 11. The program offers very good opportunities for working abroad and I’m very excited to be a part of OEM, you might as well start buying their shares because they’re going to be worth a hell lot more with me aboard 😉 haha. Check out the company at www.oem.se

OEM LOGO 134B.jpg
OEM International stock listings (Swedish link)

This is the first major event of my chronicles of personal growth and a lot of things are naturally going to change from now (11 August) on. There are a lot of things on my agenda, career wise and financially, so let’s hope this blog is going to get increasingly interesting as we progress in time…






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