5 05 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV recently had it’s world wide release and I’ve been fortunate enough try it out.

I haven’t really tried any missions yet but my gameplay has rather been “limited” to wild city rampages, car crashes, fights, mind-blowing stunts and police chases, but that’s where all the fun is, in my opinion.

No question, this is a very violent game, but VIOLENCE = FUN…or let me rephrase that for you: VIRTUAL VIOLENCE = FUN. There’s a HUUUUGE difference there, at least in the sense of actually carrying out the violence. Already, the game has been criticized and bashed for being too violent by some sources, but guys of my generation laugh at this critique because we know how ridiculous it is. Yesterday, I knocked some guy out with a perfectly delivered punch to the face followed by a kick to the groin, stole his car and ran him over…in GTA IV, that is. Now, does that mean I would even consider doing that in reality? Of course not, only cowards kick to the groin!

Haha, jokes aside, it’s just a GAME, there are worse stuff to critique.

Take a look at this new friendly tamer release of GTA IV (Conan O’Brien), and this, GTA Dave Chapelle Edition.


Mural ad in Manhattan





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