Cherry Blossom in Stockholm

30 04 2008

I had a wonderful time in Stockholm with my friends last weekend.

As we walked through Kungsträdgården (The Kings Garden) and witnessed the cherry trees in full bloom one of my friends told me an interesting fact about the Japanese celebration of cherry blossom (sakura). He explained that the time of the celebration is not when the blooming appears but rather when it starts to disappear as the flowers die and create a beautiful carpet of petals on the ground. So, part from being a celebration of the coming of spring it’s also a celebration of death as something beautiful and it’s a reminder of the short, transitory lives we lead. I jokingly (and perhaps insensitively) replied “Well, that explains the kamikaze phenomenon”

Anyways, I wanted to share this factoid with you because it’s quite different from our thinking in the west on death as the ultimate end, which in turn is a reflection of linear thinking rather than circular thinking which is more part of the Asian culture.


The beautiful Kings Garden of Stockholm, April 26.


“Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events”

– Benjamin Franklin





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