Manifesting your dreams, part I

29 04 2008

As you could read in the post “starting point” I’m not in a very good situation right now financially or materially, but in my head, however, I’m a very rich man.

The central theme of my life right now is to turn conceived wealth, the wealth in my head through knowledge, ideas, plans and experience etc., into manifested wealth I can see, feel, smell and hear.

In other words, my wealth is very unevenly distributed between conceived and manifested. A couple of days ago, I started working on the following chart which I’ve named “The Conceived vs. Manifested Wealth Matrix”:


Right now, I’m in the upper left quadrant, I’m a dreamer. But I don’t plan on staying there for long. I want to dedicate my life to going from the upper left quadrant to the lower right quadrant; going from a dreamer to a value adder. I want to understand why some people manage to walk that path while others fail and I want to be able to help people to succeed in this path.

I have chosen the word “dreamer” for the upper left quadrant aware of that it has a negative tone, at least for me it has, in order to motivate myself to get out from it. A dreamer is someone who has all these ideas, all this hope of someday getting rich or whatever goal he has set up for himself, but has yet to take action. Further more, I believe that most people are actually in this quadrant, most people harbor dreams of wealth and success in all kinds of areas, they go around with this gut feeling that “someday I’m going to be filthy rich”…of course, this “someday” never comes for most people and all their conceived wealth fades away over the years and they end up being angry, bitter, poor and old.
It’s a personal tragedy, but the greater tragedy is all the value and good they could have brought to others if they had acted on their dreams.

The path from dreamer to value adder is a path of ACTION, it’s a path of contribution, it’s a path of benevolence, it’s not about you, it’s about adding value to others! The great thing, however, is that a value adder is also a value GETTER. I don’t believe you can get rich without adding value, unless you win the lottery, of course, but that’s why the lower left quadrant is there, LUCKY aka “the Paris Hilton-quadrant”.

So, if you’re just a dreamer right now, just as I am, and your wealth is unevenly distributed between conceived and manifested, you have two paths ahead of you:

B VS B plus time.png

There is the path of action and contribution which leads to an incrementally increased manifested wealth, and there is the path of procrasination and passiveness (being satisfied) which will slowly evaporate your conceived wealth until it’s at the same low level as your manifested wealth.

Tough choice? I don’t think so. But the mystery remains why most people are getting bitter rather than getting better. More on this in part II.





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