George St-Pierre and the art of Imposing your will

21 04 2008

GSP (George St-Pierre) won over Matt Serra on UFC 83 last saturday and became the welterweight champion of the world. Although I rooted for Serra I think GSP is a worthy champion and he was straight up better that night. I think GSP is the ultimate example of IMPOSING YOUR WILL, he shoves his own game plan down the throat of his opponent who has no other option but to swallow it. He wanted to win so bad that the possibility of losing was not even part of his reality.

We can all learn from this, whether we are fighters or not. But what is “imposing your will”, really?

* It is being concerned with attacking rather than protecting. You create chances and opportunities rather than trying to avoid setbacks.

* It means that your will is so great that it “bends reality” your way. You want something MORE than anyone else looking for the same thing.

* You have a plan. You are not in one.

* It is not letting anything come between you and your goal, you adjust your gameplan accordingly having the end in mind.

When in some demanding situations, a general rule of imposing your will is to think about the whole thing as a movie and asking yourself; am I the main character here?

imposing your will.jpg

GSP imposing his will on former champion Matt Serra.





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