Logo confusion

27 05 2009


ISA Forces logo, Killzone 2 (Playstation 3 game)


Bring, Logistics company

crouzet logo.jpg

Crouzet, Automation products company

What’s up with this?



New Champ

24 05 2009

Evans vs. Machida

Evans had way too much respect for his opponent. To win he should have used his wrestling and some good ol’ ground and pound. Instead, he stood up and banged which is a recipe for failure when fighting Machida – unless you’re Flash Gordon.


Hughes vs. Serra

To say that this was a close fight is an understatement, it could have gone either way. Hughes ended up as the victor by using his superior strength to paralyze Serra, keeping him on the ground making the fight very static. Serra almost had him with a big right early in the first round.


UFC 98 Results


Tweet tweet

14 04 2009

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Rebranding gone wild

14 04 2009

Not too long ago i added The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to my subscription of TV channels. The first time I blipped to watch Animal Planet i thought I was ripped off with some cheap imitator channel when I saw their new HIDEOUS logo. I hoped and prayed that it was some temporary logo they just showed for a couple of screens, but no, it is ACTUALLY their new logo. Every time I watch the channel it really boggles my mind how they actually could go for that design…

In contrast, when i blipped to The Discovery Channel I was very pleasently surprised by their new logo. It’s a truly modernized version of their previous one, simple yet beautiful.

animal_planet_logo 1.jpg animal-planet-logo-new.jpg

Before (left) and after (right)

Read more about the Animal Planet identity change, click here.

Discovery_Channel_logo OLD.png

Before (above)

discovery channel new logo.jpg

…and after.

Read more about the Discovery Channel identity change, click here.

Any thoughts?


North Korea’s Rocket Launch: the worlds most dangerous marketing campaign

7 04 2009

Why isn’t North Korea on the list of terror sponsoring states?

Their recent rocket launch is not only highly provocative but also a marketing campaign for that they do have the capacity of developing, and inte future – selling long distance missiles. I guess their friends on the list on which they themselves used to belong are the first in line to buy, which would make North Korea a terror sponsoring state indeed.

Bild 2.png

Rocket launch or product launch?


The return of the chronicles

5 04 2009

IM BACK folks!

I got caught in a spiral of working, reading, training and just living in general and have thus managed to neglect the blog for quite some time now.

The letters asking (cursing) of my absence have recently become more frequent so I finally pulled my self together and decided to make a comeback.

Wow, a lot of things have happened since my last post. First of all, The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 winner Rashad Evans have had time to knock out Chuck Liddell earning him a title shot in which he defeated Forrest Griffin (UFC 92). Rashad is still the title holder and still undefeated, which makes the upcoming fight with the challenger and also undefeated Lyoto Machida in UFC 98 (May 24) all more exciting. Wouldn’t want to miss that one.

rashad-evans-1.jpg Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans

What more, Barack Obama has become Americas 44th President through an amazing and historical campaign that rallied support and commitment of unprecedented scale, not only in America, but all over the world.


As you all know, we now find ourselves in the midst of a global financial crisis in which millions of people are loosing their jobs. Here is a very good explanation of what has happened:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Last week the G20 had a historical summit in London where they tried come up with solutions to stabilize, repare and restore faith in the worlds financial system. Read their reports here and watch videos here.

Well, these are very interesting times and there is a LOT to write about.

As for me, I’m still at OEM International and currently working with some very exciting projects within market(ing) communication. Things are great, let’s leave it at that for now.

The chronicles are back!



6 07 2008

Just witnessed my favorite fighter beat Quinton Rampage Jackson and becoming the new UFC Light Heavyweight (205 Lbs/93 Kg) Champion! HURRAY!!!


I’ve been waiting for this fight a loong time and I always stood by my prediction (and hope) that Forrest Griffin would win, and today he did!

It was an awesome fight that went all the 5 grueling rounds with Forrest very justly ending up as the victor via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-46, 48-46).

Forrest was the aggressor, using frequent bursts of low kicks, high kicks, knees and punches he imposed his will upon a somewhat paralyzed Jackson.

Here’s why Forrest Griffin now stands as the new Champion: HEART and CONDITIONING! He’s a monster of pure will and hard work and that’s why he’s my favorite fighter and that’s why he’s our new Light Heavyweight Champ!

My hat is off for Quinton who was very humble about his loss and refused to blame anything on that his leg got hurt early in the fight. His punching power is just crazy, I mean could-knockout-an-elephant-CRAZY!

Needless to say, I look forward to the rematch.

(For a more thourough break-down of the fight click here)

“How sweet is this, I get to punch someone in the face and I don’t get arrested afterward.” – Forrest Griffin, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion